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Operation Area, Production Capacity

In 2008 we opened our new factory in industrial zone west in Chrudim. The main reason for relocation was logistic, simplification of production, implementation new technologies and improving of cooperation with our business partners. Our production capacity was increase, especially in glue technology. 

The annual production capacity is currently moving in two shifts around  3 000 000 sqm spliced veneers and edges, which means that we could use approx. 5 000 000 sqm raw veneer per year.  

Total production area in new factory is approx. 7 000 sqm plus relating infrastructure. 


    Achieving and maintaining a quality system and environmental principles of service and products at the customer demand is the result of systematic cooperation of all employees.






    We are proud sponsor of

    Rytmus - for life of handicapped people

    Childern´s ward of Chrudim Hospital 
    JFD send the money for help after huge floods in CR in 2013
     JFD support the football team Pardubičky