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Process of Splicing

Type of splicing

  • Book matched

Veneer sheets are processed from one bundle in book form - sheets are opened like a book and spliced to make up the face with matching occurring at the spliced joints.



  • Slipmatched

The veneer sheets are processed from one bundle in repetitive patters, without turning. 



  • Random matched  (imitace spárovky)

The spliced veneer is made from different veneer bundles with a mix of quarter, crown or half crown in different width of sheet, spliced in such a way that a random asymmetrical appearance is created. The final appearance is suggestive of solid wood.  



  • Others

It is a lot of possibilities of splicing veneer - according to customer´s requirement we spliced e.g. under angle 45°, crosswise and into various figures, etc. All is up to wishes of our  customers.

Thanks to possibility of laser cut, the asymmetrical or rounded shape could be created.




Achieving and maintaining a quality system and environmental principles of service and products at the customer demand is the result of systematic cooperation of all employees.






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