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For production of veneer layons we are using classic technology zig - zag and modern technology of reputable brands like Küper, Fisher  Rückle, Monguzi, Casati etc. Glue splicing technology:

  • Cutmaster – single and double-knife guillotines
  • Gluemaster – veneer package glue applicator
  • Crossmaster –for crosswise splicing
  • Sprint – for lengthwise splicing
  • Omnimaster – for lengthwise splicing with own glue applicator 

Classic technology zig zag by fibre are using machinery Kuper, where the sheets of veneer are sawn (on the back side of layons is visible joint)

We offer laser cut of veneer and burn/brand in to veneer.  

Handmade of veneer layons 

  • Sometimes it is necessary to make the veneer layons partly or whole by hand - e.g. for frame doors. For final splicing is not possible using of splicer machinery so we use hand - splicer and the splicing is on the large tables.  
  • Hand -splicers are available in each workplace - for repairing, final cutting etc. 


    Achieving and maintaining a quality system and environmental principles of service and products at the customer demand is the result of systematic cooperation of all employees.






    We are proud sponsor of

    Rytmus - for life of handicapped people

    Childern´s ward of Chrudim Hospital 
    JFD send the money for help after huge floods in CR in 2013
     JFD support the football team Pardubičky