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Door Layons

Veneer layon for production of veneered doors belong to top offered layon at all. The final appearance of layons, way of splicing (bookmatched, random match, etc) is always under wish and requirement of costumers. Door layons are made by all method of splicing. 

Method of splicing:

1. Glue joint–  splicing by glue, where the joint is not visible (front and back side are the same), it is use especially for classic doors (spliced horizontally or vertically) 

    2. by fibre – final layons are sawn by Küper machine. This method is use for doors with one or two props - props are joined by Küper.

      3. Hand-made – sometimes the layon has to be made partly or whole by hand, especially for frame doors, special wish of costumer e.g. doors with inlays or squares. The splicing is going on special workplace, which is meant just for production of doors, on the large tables and by hand-splicer (use of fibre) 



        The frame doors are related to frames. For maximum elimination of colour differences of veneer, structure of veneer etc - we offer two possibilities how the solve this problem - firstly we produce special layon for the frame, then the costumer press by himself or more comfortable way - veneer edges for wrapping profile and frames - edges are made from the same veneer, same supplier as well as doors layons. This type of edges is sanded to thickness 0,38  - 0,39 mm, fixed by fleece so it is easy to work and wrap differ profiles. 


        Achieving and maintaining a quality system and environmental principles of service and products at the customer demand is the result of systematic cooperation of all employees.






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